Psa_27:14 “Hope in the Lord God; be of good courage, and He shall make your heart strong; yes, hope in the Lord God.”

I was looking in my Bible this morning and noticing how many times the phrase “be of good courage” or “be courageous” is repeated. Apparently, we need to be reminded often.

I look at this particular scripture and it gives us the key for being courageous. The key is found in whom we place our hope… our trust!

How many times have I put my hope, my trust in things that are untrustworthy? In this scripture I am reminded to place my entire hope and trust in the God of the universe… The Creator of all things…

But even more than placing my hope and trust in Him… I am also given a promise! HE will make my heart strong! I don’t have to muster up courage from somewhere deep within myself. I don’t have to do it in my own strength. God Himself will make my heart strong… HE will give me that “good courage”.

About John M. Stewart

I am a university administrator, part-time professor, writer, photographer, and a musician. I love live theater, music, hikes in the woods, and walks on the beach. I am a spiritual sojourner. My blog is about this life journey and how my faith impacts and intersects with my life journey. View all posts by John M. Stewart

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