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Ordinary Light

It’s amazing when ordinary little lights magically transform a Christmas tree into a spectacle of wonder.  There is nothing particularly phenomenal about a string of Christmas lights.  Little LED lights connected with fairly inexpensive wiring.  But when they are strung around a tree, and electrical current is humming through those wires, what a transformation they make!

A star is an ordinary light shining in the heavens.  Nothing particularly remarkable.  Some are brighter than others, especially when seen without the interference of city lights.  But when a star powered by the light of heaven shines, it points to something remarkable and wondrous.jesus-birth-nativity-star-outside-bethlehem-stable

A star, powered by the light of heaven shone on a manger where the true light of the world was born.  The birth of the Bright Shadow of God… Jesus Christ.

Something happened on that night in Bethlehem.  The Bright Shadow of God illuminated that stable and the Child in the manger. That Child became the Bright Shadow of God to a dark world. 

When the Bright Shadow of God illuminates a life, suddenly our ordinary light becomes transformed.  We are connected to a power source and our ordinary light can illuminate the entire world! 

It can’t happen without the power source… This year, let us all re-connect to that power source.  Allow the Bright Shadow of God to illuminate our ordinary light.  Each of us are lights to the world.  We shine in different ways, offering our gifts and talents to those around us.  Let it shine for all the world to see!


Whiter Than Snow

The first shining flakes of snow fell in our yard last week.  There is a childlike thrill when I see it begin to snow… a leap of hope and joy in my heart!

The flakes quit almost as quickly as they started.  As I drove to work I watched them begin to fall again in earnest.

As they fell, I watched the scarred areas of earth transform into a blanket of white.  The clean brightness covered the scars, transforming a bleak, stark, sad landscape into a beautiful thing to behold.

I began to sing the words of an old hymn:

Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow,
Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

The bright shadow of God falls on wounded souls, it falls on tragedy and heartbreak, it falls on loss and grief.  It falls today and washes everything whiter than snow.

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